What we offer to...


International production companies: b-roll and micro-budget production

It can be a low-to-no budget independent film, a music video for a band, looking for an iconic backdrop for their new song or a run-and-gun documentary. We'll figure out a way to provide you with the material you require using minimal resources. We'll drive you around the outer boroughs, walk you through the narrow streets of Chinatown and show you a different New York. 


Service production companies: custom-made footage to increase your chances of winning a bid

There are many excellent production service destinations (hello there, eastern Europe!) which offer a variety of absolutely stunning locations, but sometimes lose simplest bids because clients have in mind western metropolitan look. We can help: we'll provide you with establishing shots of glass-and-steel Financial District or driving footage of the wide avenues, which you'll be able to marry to your existing locations.
More so, we can turn around certain material today-for-tomorrow, before your bid is due - and we'll charge you only if the project awards.


Post Production studios: stills and videos for CGI 

'Day After Tomorrow' and 'Godzilla', 'I Am Legend' and 'Planet of the Apes', 'Independence Day' and 'Armageddon'... 
Apparently, you can't destroy the planet without trashing New York first. Whether you are looking to demolish, torch or blast this great city of ours, we are here to help - by providing you with videos and stills for textures, 3D modeling and background plates.